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Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage usually looks at and addresses a particular concern or symptom(s) that you may have. Your therapist will assess the issue and treat it accordingly. This may be done with the use of various techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, passive and active stretching and friction techniques. It is normal to feel some sort of pain or discomfort during or after treatment. If you do feel discomfort always let your therapist know so that they may adjust their treatment accordingly.

The Benefits of regular Remedial Massage Treatments may be:

  • the relief or reduction of pain

  • a decrease in restriction of movement and muscular contractures

  • the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression

  • to improve and strengthen the immune system

  • to reduce the occurrence of tension headaches and migraines 

  • to improve body awareness

  • to improve circulation and blood flow

  • to decrease your heart rate

  • to facilitate better quality of sleep

  • to assist in the healing and rehabilitation of injuries

  • to break down any scar tissue that you may have

  • to improve the function of the lymphatic system.

Ongoing Remedial Massage helps you to live your best life by reducing stress, pain and keeping your body moving and functioning at it's optimum. Health Fund Rebates are available for Remedial Massage Therapy. HICAPS is available which allows you to claim on the spot after your treatment. Please check with your individual health fund to ensure that you are covered for Remedial Massage.

Pregnancy Massage

This is a very exciting and sometimes challenging time for a mother-to-be. It is a time of great change that includes physiological, emotional and physical changes. The aim of pregnancy massage is to nurture both mother and baby and to assist the mother-to-be with all of the challenges of pregnancy. Massage therapy works well through the three stages of pregnancy, from conception of pregnancy to support through labour and also the postpartum period.

The many Benefits of Pregnancy Massage are:

  • it may reduce oedema (swelling) in the feet, legs and hands

  • reduce pain in the lower back, hips and pelvis

  • increases blood flow for better supply to the placenta and developing breasts

  • may reduce high blood pressure

  • improve spacial awareness of your growing body

  • may increase relaxation and reduce anxiety

  • may ease back, neck and shoulder pain and all joint and muscular conditions common in pregnancy

  • may improve sleeping patterns

  • improves hormonal changes

  • may assist in preparing the body for birth and labour

  • it enhances the connection between mother and baby.

At Elemental Bodywork Pregnancy Massage is given by a qualified Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage. It is designed to support all of the various changes occurring in your body. Different massage techniques are used such as Swedish, movement, deep tissue, neuromuscular, stretching, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu. Come in and let us help to ease you into this amazing stage in your life. It would be an honour and a privilege. Health rebates may apply. 

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